Expunction & Non-Disclosure

Your criminal history is maintained, and published, by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and numerous other public and private organizations.  Your criminal history, if left unattended, can seriously impact your life.

However, Expunctions and Orders of Non-Disclosure are often utilized to eliminate or shield the public, from your criminal history.  Potential benefits from Expunctions and Orders of Non-Disclosure include increased employability and avoidance of public ridicule. 

Nevertheless, Expunctions and Orders of Non-Disclosure are very technical in nature and must be considered when resolving the initial criminal charge.  In some circumstances, a poorly handled resolution to a criminal charge will eliminate your eligibility for an Expunction or Order of Non-Disclosure.

Expunctions and Orders of Non-Disclosure, much like the events they are designed to remedy, are permanent in nature, and will affect you for the entirety of your life.  A detailed analysis of the distinctions, applications and benefits of Expunctions and Orders of Non-Disclosure far exceed the limited informational purpose of this article.  Please contact the McFall Law Offices for further, specific information regarding your particular eligibility.

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