Criminal Law

With limited exceptions (Class C Misdemeanors punishable by a fine only), if the State has charged you with a crime, your freedom is at stake.  Regardless of your belief, or even factual correctness about your innocence, you need the assistance of Colin D. McFall.  Your factual innocence alone will not free you.  By the same token, your factual guilt is not determinative.  The Criminal Justice System is an imperfect system where the innocent are often convicted and the guilty are occasionally set free. 

If you wish to avoid the shackles of the State, contact the McFall Law Offices immediately.  While it is never too early to start preparing a defense, it is certainly possible to wait too long:  Memories fade, witnesses move and evidence disappears.  The State has a full time, highly trained, professional to represent their interest.  Your freedom deserves the same representation.

The McFall Law Offices actively defends against all criminal allegations.  Whether you need to resolve a speeding ticket to maintain your Commercial Driver’s License, or you are facing a lifetime behind bars for a crime you didn’t commit, Colin D. McFall has the experience, determination and personal attention to resolve your situation.  Contact the McFall Law Offices to schedule an initial consultation.

The McFall Law Offices also provides appellate services for the criminal arena.

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